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POWER Interfaith One of 7 Grassroots Organizations Highlighted in Transformative Documentary

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Students will be filming content for the impact campaign associated with ‘The Beat Goes On’ documentary, executive produced by Martin Luther King III, Arndrea Waters King, Mario Van Peebles, and Partners in Kind 


Scottsdale, AZ—April 18, 2024—Partners in Kind (PIK), the media production company behind the $50M “purpose in production” equity fund, announced last October, officially kicked off the groundbreaking impact campaign for “The Beat Goes On,” a documentary film co-executive produced by Martin Luther King III, Arndrea Waters-King, and Mario Van Peebles, who will also be directing. Co-founders Gillian Hormel and Shelly Tygielski, alongside President of Feature Films Mary Aloe, envision that the ambitious initiative will result in seven short films and a library of marketing content that intends to help amplify the work of grassroots organizations and generate voter momentum in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Florida. The impact campaign aims to mobilize voters and highlight urgent political issues ahead of the 2024 elections. This project intertwines Dr. King’s enduring legacy with the vital efforts of today’s civil rights champions. Partners in Kind is partnering with the Drum Major Coalition to drive unprecedented engagement and awareness. 

The campaign empowers 32 student filmmakers from 10 states and dozens of universities – including Morehouse, Spelman, Kent University, Howard University, and UNC Chapel Hill – to collaborate closely with grassroots organizations supported by the Drum Major Coalition. These organizations, strategically located in seven pivotal states for the upcoming elections, are devoted advocates for voting rights, racial justice, bodily autonomy, and more. This initiative not only aims to shed light on the critical work these groups are doing but also provides a unique platform for emerging filmmakers to harness their storytelling skills for social activism while being supported by award-winning producers, filmmakers, and editors.

“It’s an honor for us to elevate the efforts of grassroots organizations championed by the Drum Major Coalition—groups that tirelessly champion voter access, shed light on pivotal ballot issues, and drive transformative change within their communities,” expressed Arndrea Waters King, President of the Drum Major Institute. 

This campaign is highlighting the following organizations: 

Students will produce short-form videos to highlight the mission and critical work of these organizations, creating essential tools to help drive voter turnout in their communities. The videos will be shared by the organizations and their partners ahead of the 2024 elections on various platforms – from social media to traditional media outlets. The program is designed as a launchpad for young creatives to gain practical experience and connections in the entertainment industry while contributing to a campaign with the potential to shape the political landscape. 

“The Beat Goes On” impact campaign is a testament to the power of collective action and the role of media in fostering societal change. By connecting the legacy of past civil rights movements with the pressing needs of today’s activists, the project seeks to inspire a new generation to take up the mantle of social justice and participate actively in the democratic process. 

“The collaboration between the Drum Major Coalition and student filmmakers aligns perfectly with my father’s legacy, underscoring our commitment to empower the younger generations. It’s their hands that will carry the torch of responsibility, ensuring that democracy, equity, and equality are not just ideals, but realities for all,” remarked Martin Luther King III, Chairman of the Drum Major Institute.

In a joint statement issued by Partners in Kind, co-founders Gillian G. Hormel and Shelly Tygielski stated that “‘The Beat Goes On’ epitomizes the very essence of the initiatives we aspired to support when we started Partners in Kind. It is a profound honor to nurture emerging storytellers from a rich mosaic of backgrounds, granting them access to critical narratives and resources, as well as the chance to drive meaningful change as we approach the election.” Partners in Kind announced their $50M equity fund in Deadline in October of last year, as well as the announcement of Mary Aloe joining as the President of Feature Films. The fund is actively investing in projects, including the Broadway show LEMPICKA, a New York Times Critic’s Pick opening at the Longacre Theatre on April 14, as well as the highly-anticipated play Phenomenal Woman, Maya Angelou. 

For more information on the documentary and its impact campaign, please visit 


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About Partners in Kind 

Established in 2022, Partners in Kind (PIK) is a production company with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona, Los Angeles, California, and Asheville, North Carolina, that centers storytelling at the intersection of inspirational impact and entertainment. At the heart of PIK is the Purpose in Production Equity Fund and Impact Funds, which focus on investing in, developing, and creating programming that motivates viewers to contribute, connect, and spread compassion throughout the world. By collaborating with social impact leaders, prominent nonprofit organizations, and NGOs, PIK strives to generate robust awareness and drive tangible change on a global level for the most crucial issues of our time. Learn more at 

About the Drum Major Institute and the Drum Major Coalition 

The Drum Major Institute, a 501(c)3, advances the core mission of its founder, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to assure that the arc of the moral universe continues to bend toward justice. Dr. King’s legacy and voice are as important today as they were upon the Institute’s founding 60 years ago. To meet this historic moment, the Institute is lending its unique ability to facilitate dialogue and collaboration to support the countless courageous acts of individuals and organizations across the nation and the world to ensure that the vital conversations that are now starting will sustain and advance far beyond this moment in time—and lead to tangible, lasting outcomes.

The Drum Major Coalition, a 501(c)4, is a civic organization that invests in organizing efforts in states facing critical elections. Its goal is to force America’s political system to address and eradicate the country’s largest social problems by making America’s most marginalized communities a determining factor in elections. 

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