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POWER is independently financed.  We operate with dues from member congregations, grants from charitable and faith-based foundations, grassroots fund raising and contributions from people like you who care about our city and want to see change.  As a matter of principle, POWER takes no financial support from government entities.

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In addition to being a POWER leader in your congregation, you can offer your time and talents to POWER in the following ways:

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  • Helping communicate with POWER members through periodic phone banking

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We welcome a conversation with you about pressures impacting your congregation and community and how faith-based community organizing can help you respond. We welcome a conversation about how POWER is equipping congregations across the city to play a more powerful role in shaping policies that effect families, neighborhoods, and our city.

Give us a call at 215-232-7697 or email us at info@powerphiladelphia.org and we’ll set up a time to talk.

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Fighting for Living Wages

The Problem:

In Pennsylvania 13.2% of the population live in poverty. One in three of that group is Latinx, and 28.5% are African American. In Harrisburg, our state capitol, we have a poverty rate of 31.8%.  In Philadelphia our poverty rate is 26.3%, with over half of that group being African Americans. These massive inequalities are not being addressed by the system that has made them possible.

POWER’s Approach:

Within our Economic Dignity work , we are building towards solutions that can lift people out of poverty and create a reality where no one has to choose between putting healthy food on the table or paying for rent and the utility bills. As faithful people, we believe in the dignity of work, and that the purpose of work should be to support a healthy and thriving life, family, and community. In this work, we continuously promote a livable minimum wage and we are addressing a more inclusive and equitable vision for Green Jobs that can provide jobs, tackle racial inequity, and create a healthy planet for our children.


POWER has succeeded in helping different workers achieve a livable wage. In 2016 we worked with Philadelphia’s City Council to ensure that all projects involving public dollars pay workers a fair and livable wage. In 2015 POWER worked with Philadelphia’s City Council to gain a $12 minimum wage for all projects subcontracted from the city government. And when a large corporation attempted to gain an exemption, POWER stood strong, hosting prayer vigils, testifying in hearings and launching a media campaign targeted toward the City Council, which, in turn, stood strong and denied the request.