Work with POWER

We're seeking energized people to help build POWER's capacity. If you're interested in volunteering with us, please contact Operations Manager, Yvette Giminez (

Director of Organizing

This position will be responsible for ongoing coaching, training, supervision and support to the team of Organizers, so that they can most effectively organize congregations and develop lay and clergy leaders to engage in strategic campaigns to advance POWER’s policy aims (at both the municipal and state level). At the direction of the Executive Director, the Director of Organizing helps coordinate and guide issue campaigns in areas of school funding equity, living wage policies, criminal justice reform and other campaigns. In this capacity the Director of Organizing cultivates relationships with key allies who are working with POWER on these campaigns.

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Philadelphia Community Organizer

The Community Organizer has the responsibility for cultivating relationships with members of diverse faith congregations across the city, teaching them community-organizing skills and supporting them to conduct successful issue campaigns on the local, state and potentially national levels.

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Chester County Community Organizer

Want to do justice work in Chester County? POWER is hiring! We have a strong learning culture and place a high priority on personal learning, racial awareness and analysis, and relationship building.

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