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Roadmap for Justice

Our Platform for a Prosperous Pennsylvania

POWER Interfaith’s multi-racial coalition demands a thriving world for all – regardless of skin color, class, or citizenship. This is how we get there.

"The Moment of Now"

Bishop Dwayne Royster's address at the Roadmap for Justice Interfaith Convention (February 19, 2024). Click here for images from this historic event!

Our long-term vision of a better and inclusive world for all, regardless of skin color, class, or citizenship, necessitates that we push for change in our communities, regions, and statewide; the changes we envision are outlined below.

Education Justice

We need fully funded schools free from racial or economic biases. Each child in Pennsylvania deserves to go to a public school that receives the funding it needs from a Commonwealth budget prioritizing high-quality, equitable education for all and correcting for decades of underfunding for majority Black, brown, and low-income districts. Fair funding for each child in each district, regardless of race or family wealth, is a moral imperative.

Climate Justice & Jobs
Live Free
Economic Dignity
Expanding Democracy

Exercise your power!

Contact your legislator

Step 1: Find your legislator here. Enter your address to find your Pennsylvania and federal senate and house representatives.

Step 2: Contact your legislator, using this script as a guide.

My name is _______ and I live in Representative/Senator ________’s district in zip code_____. I recently attended the POWER Interfaith event “Roadmap to Justice.” As a [person of faith] I am committed to ensuring a just society for all Pennsylvanians. For this reason, I am urging Representative/Senator ___________ to support raising the state minimum wage to at least $15 per hour and end state wage preemption, support legislation that creates a pathway for permanent adequate and equitable funding for our public schools, to stand against the expansion of school voucher programs, sufficiently fund the Whole Home Repairs program and public transportation, and support legislation for Medical/Geriatric Parole and Ending Solitary Confinement. Lastly, I am asking _________ to support policies that expand democracy by making it easier and simpler for citizens to vote.

I especially urge Representative/Senator _______ to support____________________.