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POWER is an interfaith organization committed to implementing systemic change for the betterment of PA communities.
We represent populace transcending borders across race, faith, income level, and neighborhood.


Campaign to Change Live Stop

Have you every been stopped by the Philadelphia police and immediately towed? We want to learn about your experience. POWER is collaborating with New Sanctuary Movement to change the way this unduly harsh policy is applied.


Welcome to the POWER Family!

We are pleased to announce the newest members
of our organizing family, Sheila Armstrong, Lena Glickman, and Jordan Ford.



November 22, 2017: Local parents, educators excited, cautious following SRC dissolution

POWER Leader, Pastor Linda Noonan, shared excited and caution fter the Philadelphia School Reform Commission’s decision to dissolve itself on Nov. 16, returning the Philadelphia School District to local control after more than 15 years.(Read Article)

November 16, 2017: Rally outside District headquarters declares victory with end of SRC

POWER, in coalition with the Our City, Our Schools, joined politicians, and education advocates from across the city to celebrate the elimination of the School Reform Commission and the return of the Philadelphia school system to the control of local communities. (Read Article)

November 12, 2017: The inside story of how Trump united a city of activists to elect the most progressive district attorney in a generation

Organizers with POWER Action worked night and day having over 16,000 live conversations with fellow Philadelphians to ensure voters understood where the district attorney candidates stood on issues of importance to communities of color—bail reform, sentencing reform and police accountability. In early November, Philadelphia elected a District Attorney who shares in our belief that all people are made in God’s image and therefore deserving of dignity and respect. (Read Article).