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October 8th – November 4th 2022

Freedom Express Bus Tour


Along with our sister organization POWER Action, we're hosting the “Freedom Express” bus tour across the State of Pennsylvania October 18th – November 4th, 2022 . This tour is about Restoring Faith in Democracy, helping people imagine a Pennsylvania where we all thrive, and calling out the bad actors financing oppression by supporting White Christian Nationalist causes.


Across Pennsylvania, White Christian Nationalism is literally on the ballot this fall. That’s why we’re firing up the #FreedomExpress. This tour will promote a vision for building a beloved community in the state of PA that is rooted in inclusivity, diversity, and justice.

The perilous rise of White Christian Nationalism in our country requires leaders of conscience to raise the call to live our faith principles by actively resisting the tide of bigotry. Faith leaders are uniquely able to guide our people towards a vision of democracy that protects our shared human dignity. We aim to call attention to bad actors, inspire people of faith to denounce White Christian Nationalism, defend democracy, and get out the vote.



Special thanks to:

Rev. Linda Noonan for the original song, “We Were Made For These Times”
Rev. Traci Blackmon
Ms. Denise Pittman, Executive Assistant, Justice and Local Church Ministries, United Church of Christ
PWP Video


Rev. Sandra Brown
Janis Moore Campbell
Kathy Hettinga
TaWanda Stallworth
Rev. Rebecca Stephens
Frances Upshaw

Guests & Contributors

Marlene Armato
Barbara Atkinson
Andy Bader
Traci Blackmon
Bobbi Breitman
Rev. Sandra Brown
Pamela Brubaker
Geneva Butz
Rev. Michael Caine
Bobbi Cohen
Margie Colton
Betsy Connor
Michael Cryer
Penelope Cutler
Arretta Davis
Darlene DiDomineck
Carol Duncan
Rev. Dr. Greg Edwards
Linda Esh
Melvin Esh
Rev. Dick Fernandez
Joseph Fleming
Dayle Friedman
Yvette Gimenez
Karen L Green
Rabbi Julie Greenberg
Steve Greenspan
Wendy Greenspan

Beverly Hayden
Edward Heyse
Kathy Hettinga
Rabbi Linda Holtzman
Rev. Robin Hynicka
Jessica Lanier
Ronald Lanier
Mary & Lance Laver
Carol Kaplan
Christa Kerber
Nancy Kirby
Gayle Lacks
Rev. Matthew Lenahan
Beth Logue
susan MacBride
Bruce MacCullough
John Mason
Bruce McKay
Phoebe McKay
Nancy Megley
Sara Melton
Andrea Moselle
David Mosenkis
Patricia Murray
Rochelle Nichols-Solomon
Mary Nolan
Rev. Linda Noonan

Jacqueline Pinkney
Denise Pittman
Jennifer Rafanan Kennedy
Wiley Redding
Amani Reid
Susan Ross
Bishop Dwayne Royster
Suzette Royster
Susan Saxe
Susan Schewel
Beatrice Sims
Moon Smith
James Solomon
Nathan Sooy
Rev. Becca Stephens
Rebecca Subar
Rev. David Tatgenhorst
Susan Thompson
Frances Upshaw
Beth Walker
Donald Wargo
Susan Wargo
Sharon Weinman
Audra Wolfe
Wilhelmina Young
Shawn Zevit
Mohammed Zubairu

Past Events

October 18-22

Tuesday, October 18: 11:00am

KICK OFF EVENT, Independence Hall

600 Market Street, Philadelphia. Join us on FB Live or in Person.

Register >

Tuesday, October 18: 3:00pm

Gun Violence and Get Out the Vote, Maplewood Mall

Armat Street & Germantown Ave, Philadelphia

Tuesday, October 18: 6:30pm

Wednesday, October 19: 10:30am

Thursday, October 20: 4:00pm

Voter Registration in the Park

4th and Lehigh Avenue, Philadelphia

Thursday, October 20: 7:00pm

Friday, October 21: 10:00am

Clergy Breakfast and Discussion at. United Christian Church

8525 New Falls Rd, Levittown

Friday, October 21: 6:30pm

Multifaith Shabbat Service

Beth Israel Synagogue, 385 Pottstown Pike, Chester Springs

Register >

Saturday, October 22: 4:00pm

Metro ReFounding Convention

1 Hagery Blvd, West Chester

Register >

October 24-28

Monday, October 24: 12:30pm

Investing in Early Education

916 W Turner Street, Allentown

Join Virtually >

Monday, October 24: 2:00pm

Party at the Ballot Box: Ending Voter Suppression

Lehigh County Government Center
17 S 7th Street,
Allentown, PA

Join Virtually >

Monday, October 24: 6:00pm

Ending White Nationalism: An Interfaith Service/Dinner

Muslim Association of Lehigh Valley
2988 Schadt Ave
Whitehall, PA

Register >

Tuesday, October 25: 3:00pm

Fully Funding Education & Opportunities for Students

Boys & Girls Club of Bethlehem
1430 Fritz Drive
Bethlehem, PA

Wednesday, October 26: 7:00pm

Town Hall for Faith Filled Voters

St. John's Byzantine Catholic Church Hall
310 Broadway St
Scranton, PA
This event requires registration. 
Register >

Thursday, October 27: 4:00pm

Your Vote/Your POWER: Learn How the Fossil Fuel Industry Threatens Our Democracy

Firefly Garden
71 East Pine Ave
Washington, PA

October 31-November 4

Monday, October 31: 2:00pm

Public Rally to Heal our Faith in Democracy

Lincoln Square
Gettysburg, PA

Tuesday, November 1: 2:00pm

Rally at City Hall

101 S George St
York, PA

Wednesday, November 2: 3:00pm

Vigil for Incarcerated Immigrant Women

Berk County Detention Center
1040 Berks Road
Leesport, PA

Thursday, November 3: 9:00am

Stop the Voter Suppression: All Votes Matter

Lancaster Day of Action, first event.
50 N. Queen Street
Lancaster, PA

Register >

Thursday, November 3: 11:00am

Lunch and Learn

701 N. Lime Street
Lancaster, PA

Register >

Thursday, November 3: 6:45pm

March to Penn Square

Start at Shaari Shomayim, 75 E James Street and march with us to Penn Square

Register >

Thursday, November 3: 7:30pm

Interfaith Prayer Service

Penn Square
Lancaster, PA

Register >

Friday, November 4: 10:00am

Action at Commonwealth Foundation

Corner of 3rd and State
Harrisburg, PA