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Our POWER Interfaith Freedom Express riders recently hosted a “Party at the Ballot Box” to celebrate the power of our votes and voices within the Allentown community. Our goal was to unify our voices to combat voter suppression.

Rather than be discouraged by the desire of some to create roadblocks to exercising our rights, we recognize that it is the power of our votes that scares those who would try to obstruct us. That’s why we choose instead to come together, get fired up with a live DJ, share some food and ensure the community has access to the information they need to exercise their rights. That’s why we’ve revved up the Freedom Express, a bus tour and action campaign that we are taking across Pennsylvania. We are making stops in 16 cities to promote a vision for building a beloved community in Pennsylvania. The extreme right-wing has toxified the narrative of what it means to be a voter of faith, but we know that having faith, any faith, is about inclusion and love, not division and hatred. That’s why we’re working to restore faith in democracy, rally people of conviction and build a vision of hope for Pennsylvania that is rooted in inclusivity, diversity and justice.