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Tabernacle Tuesdays

From May 3rd to June 28th we will gather in Harrisburg for bold, prophetic action to call on the general assembly to pass a budget that provides $400 million in new education funding, the use of the BEFC funding for all basic education dollars, and an on-time budget.
Join us as we call on House and Senate leaders to make a moral commitment to support Pennsylvania’s children. The Pennsylvania legislature has neglected our children as they continue to ignore the damaging effects of underfunding their education. The withholding of funding from schools across the Commonwealth has robbed children of vital resources and programs. The condition of our schools not only endangers the physical well-being of Pennsylvania students, some of whom go without nurses and running water, but also affects their psyche and the understanding of their inherit worth as children of God.
We invite you to gather with us on the Capitol steps as we, the faithful, travel to Harrisburg and confront those who have endangered our children for far too long. Click here if you plan to join us this week or in future weeks.

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