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Philadelphia, PA (Wednesday, January 6, 2020) – POWER Interfaith, the state of Pennsylvania’s largest faith-based organizing movement, unequivocally condemns the violent attempts to overthrow our democracy incited by the President underway now in our Nation’s Capital. While shocking, this is not surprising as Trump has emboldened a segment of his base to stand back and stand by. Bishop Dwayne Rostyer, Reverend Jarrett Kerbel, and Reverend Mark Tyler offer their perspective and call to all electeds as the situation develops.

  • “We demand that the House of Representatives and the Senate immediately move to impeach the President as their first order of business on returning to our capitol building. Trump told us over and over again he would not commit to a peaceful transfer of power. This is the consequence of years of enabling and emboldening white supremacy and dismantling our democracy.” -Rev. Jarrett Kerbel
  • “This is a sad day for democracy. The very hope of what America could and should be is being undermined by narcissism and conspiracy theories. In this particular moment, we are failing to see that each of us is created in the image and likeness of God. While we may disagree, we can do so peacefully. Like the prophet Isaiah said, ‘come let us reason together’ so that we can come to some resolution.
  • “It doesn’t escape our notice that if these protestors were primarily Black this situation would be handled very differently. This is deeply immoral and embarrassing to the high ideals of democracy laid out in our Constitution, and the values that guided us over the past two plus centuries. Our hearts are broken, but our spirits are not. We will recover from this moment, but admittedly will never be the same again.”-Bishop Dwyane Royster
  • “We the multi-faith leaders of Philadelphia unequivocally condemn the violent coup attempt incited by the President now in progress in our Nation’s Capital. We call on all elected leaders of every party to restore public safety and to speak forcibly against this outrage to our democratic system and norms. A line must be drawn, and a line must be held placing this shameful conduct clearly and definitively outside the bounds of acceptable behavior. To do otherwise is to seriously weaken the norms, bonds, and processes that define us a country of laws.” -Rev. Jarrett Kerbel
  • “Regardless of political party, every American citizen must denounce the act of sedition happening in the US Capitol in the strongest manner. The attempt to prevent the will of the people through a duly held election must never be tolerated or downplayed. Protecting the vote is the essence of our belief that our government is ‘we the people’ when the outcome is what we desire and, most importantly, when it is not.”- Rev. Mark Tyler

We are witnessing the culmination of years of reprehensible actions and statements by Trump and his supporters. This insurrectionary movement has escalated to an act of sedition after years of testing their power. As faith leaders and grassroots organizers, we will remain steadfast in our efforts to reverse the harm that they have caused. We are praying for the safety and security of our friends, family, and organizers in Washington, DC tonight.

POWER Interfaith is a non-partisan faith-based community organizing network committed to building communities of opportunity that work for all. We represent more than 100 congregations across Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania.