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POWER is a network of congregations in the Greater Philadelphia area and Central Pennsylvania working to create communities of opportunities that work for all through strategic campaign work in education, job security, police accountability, health care, and climate justice work. Over the past six years, POWER has successfully worked to increase wages for city workers, improve public schools, make neighborhoods safer, redevelop communities and revitalize democracy putting faith into action in public arena.

POWER helps engage people in public life, building a strong legacy of leadership in thousands of local communities across the region. Nonpartisan and multicultural, POWER provides an opportunity for people and congregations to translate their faith into action. POWER’s street team informs their block and neighborhood about POWER’s work. In addition to our congregation work, we believe ongoing dialogue and intentional engagement is necessary in order to build communities of opportunity that work for all.

Together we are lifting up a new vision that unites people across region, race, class, and religion. If you are interested in staying informed on the issues POWER is working on and spreading the word to your neighbors on POWER actions to address racism, police accountability, education funding and living wage jobs – click the button below to get on our e-alert list. Be sure to click the “POWER Street Team” button in the mailing lists options.

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How to Get Involved!


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