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Join POWER Metro in the #Enough4AllPA Week of Action in support of Gov. Wolf’s Full and Fair Funding Education Budget – kicking off today! Rooted in our spirituality, we will begin each day with a faith reflection from one of our traditions, followed by a call to action – something simple, but also powerful. When you have completed the action, please record it in our tracker (link below). Together, let’s fight for education equity for our kids and communities!


The Jewish celebration of Shavuot traditionally memorializes the giving of the Torah. The following reflection is from Pirkei Avot (Known as “Ethics of our Fathers”) 2:16 from the Mishnah. We must continue the task to perfect the world even though we will never finish the work.  We will see some results from our labors but not the completed project.

“He [Rabbi Tarfon] used to say, ‘It is not incumbent upon you to finish the task. Yet, you are not free to desist from it. If you have studied much in the Torah much reward will be given you, for faithful is your employer who shall pay you the reward of your labor. And know that the reward for the righteous shall be in the time to come.’”  (Thank you to Rabbi Jon Cutler for this faith reflection!)


Call Governor Tom Wolf’s office, leave your message or talk directly with a staff person.  Let them know that you support the Fair Funding Formula for the distribution of PA state basic education funding to the 500 school districts.  Thank the Governor for including the Fair Funding Formula in his 2021 Budget Proposal and ask him to continue to fight for it.


717-787-2500 is the main phone number for contacting the governor’s office. Press “3” to be connected to the office staff for your message.


  1. Use your credentials.  As you introduce yourself (direct phone call, leaving a verbal message, email, etc.) include your affiliations such as “I am a member of XX congregation (or other group) that represents xx voters.”  SHOW YOUR POWER.
  2. Be polite but direct.
  3. Include something personal such as how does the current racially inequitable, inadequate and unfair funding of PA’s schools affect you and your family?
  4. Record your action on this survey so that we can measure this week of action.
  5. Use this script for inspiration if you desire.


“Hello, my name is __________________, and I am a member of POWER Interfaith, which represents more than 50 religious congregations across the state of Pennsylvania. I am appalled that 80% of Pennsylvania’s K-12 students of color attend school districts that still do not receive their full share of Pennsylvania’s Basic Education Funding as it is described in ACT 35 of 2016 and the Fair Funding Formula. I support the Governor’s 2021 Budget Proposal for education because he has included the full use of the Fair Funding Formula. Please continue to fight for equitable and adequate funding for Pennsylvania’s school.


Lastly, please put a record of your action on our tracker on this Google Form.

Thank you for taking action today!