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Faith in Action: Social Justice Organization POWER Metro Puts Education Reform and the State Minimum Wage on the Issues Spotlight

Activist social justice groups in Philadelphia and throughout the state of Pennsylvania have dedicated themselves to a wide variety of current social justice issues today. POWER Metro was formed help broaden the participation that started with the interfaith action promoted through POWER Philadelphia in the Greater Philadelphia region and throughout the state of Pennsylvania. POWER Metro is an interfaith organization that helps members from a broad variety of religious congregations come together to express their faith in action on critical equality and social justice issues.

POWER Metro Puts Faith into Action

The hunger for an interfaith organization in the Greater Philadelphia region that fosters the kind of collective action that results in tangible positive outcomes has never been greater.  From the #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) movement, efforts to raise the Pennsylvania state minimum wage, and the fight for education reform in Pennsylvania, to criminal justice reform, ending homelessness, expanding mental health services and treatment, and combating gender inequality, people of faith and others are thirsting for the opportunity to bring their religious values to the table in all kinds of public policy matters, both in the Greater Philadelphia region and throughout the state of Pennsylvania. POWER Metro is the fountain that can help quench this thirst and drive people to work together around the common causes of promoting equality and social justice among all citizens through real world public policy initiatives.


POWER Philadelphia’s Leading Role in Education Reform in Pennsylvania

POWER Philadelphia can already boast about a number of key successes in its pursuit of social justice on the public policy level.  POWER Philadelphia was crucial to making the issue of education reform in Pennsylvania front and center through various media outreach efforts in the fall of 2013, helping to frame the gubernatorial campaign in part through this lens. POWER Philadelphia has also helped to coordinate the numerous education reform groups that also have been advocating for a fair funding formula to be adopted to help equalize per-pupil scholastic funding on the state level, including Pennsylvania Citizens for Children and Youth, the Education Law Center, and Education Voters PA. POWER Philadelphia is also on the leading edge of inspiring a variety of faith-based organizations to show their faith in action by demonstrating a unified front in the fight for this critical component to education reform in Pennsylvania.


POWER Metro: Expanding the Movement for Equality and Social Justice

POWER Metro is taking POWER Philadelphia’s message of putting faith into action by advocating for public policies that will help expand equality and social justice for citizens throughout the state and bringing it into the suburban areas surrounding the city of Philadelphia and beyond. POWER Metro eagerly anticipates its Founding Convention on February 21 and urges all people of faith in the Greater Philadelphia region to come out and show their support for the critical social justice work it leads, both from member congregations and beyond. Register for this even using the tools below and be sure to come out and bring friends to help celebrate this exciting new effort in the movement to put social justice issues front and center in our public policy discussions.


“ . . . it makes us a safer America when we center the most marginalized within our discussions and within our policies.”
—Janet Mock, author of Redefining Realness