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POWER Faith & Safety Mayoral Candidate Forum

April 16, 3 PM - 6 PM

First District Plaza
3801 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA
Group Photo: Marching

You are invited!

POWER Interfaith will gather with 60 congregations of faith from all parts of Philadelphia to have conversations with the 2023 Mayoral Candidates about what it will take to make our communities safer. We will ask the candidates hard questions about gun violence, schools, clean air, good jobs, and housing. We'll have an opportunity hear from each mayoral candidate in small groups, and then we'll come together at the end to debrief and talk about where we go next as an organization to hold the future mayor accountable. We will provide weekly updates as candidates sign on and event details are finalized. Location to be announced.

Confirmed Candidates

We will update who our confirmed candidates are as soon as we have solidified this information. Stay tuned!

Relevant News

We will update with relevant news articles as this event approaches. Stay tuned!

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