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POWER Donor Organizing

By August 12, 2016No Comments

This summer a team of POWER members have led the first phase of our campaign to expand our base of individual donors. Our goal is to increase our financial independence and our ability to speak and act more boldly. The following POWER members are leading this effort: Pati Krasenski, Sheila Oliver, Sandra Brown, Julie Greenberg, Wiley Redding, Paula Paul, Frances Upshaw, Maureen O’Connell, Susan Wargo, Susan Windle, Susan MacBride, Betsy Connor, Carol Duncan, Drick Boyd, Frank & Peg Pennington, Barbara Matteucci, Elisabeth Doolan, Joe & Carroll Clay and Jim Wuenschel. They are reaching out to more than 200 of their friends, family and fellow and sister congregants to invite them into the family of POWER supporters through house parties, appeal letters and face to face conversations.

Since launching this effort in late May, 51 individuals made donations to POWER for the first time, 24 past givers made new contributions and 10 new givers started making monthly, recurring gifts to POWER! Including gifts received at Bishop Dwayne’s Farewell event on July 21st, we have raised more than $9,500 in individual donations in the past 10 weeks. This is a significant uptick in individual gifts and a great start to our campaign. POWER applauds this team for their efforts!

If you would like to join the growing family of POWER supporters, please click here.  If you have any questions about our Donor Organizing Campaign or would like to host a house party or other fund raising event for POWER, please contact David Koppisch at