POWER Climate Justice and Jobs Fellowship

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10 hours per week
Some flexible scheduling

Seeking candidate rooted:

  • in Philadelphia for work in Philadelphia or
  • in Lancaster for work in Lancaster or
  • in LeHigh Valley for work in Lehigh Valley or
  • in Metro regions of Philadelphia for work in Metro areas

Supervisor: Julie Greenberg, Director Climate Justice and Jobs

POWER is a faith-filled organizing force in the state of Pennsylvania for racial and economic justice on a livable planet.

Currently much of the work is on-line, not in-person, because of the pandemic. POWER can help with equipment and internet support to make this on-line work possible. This

Fellowship is designed to be a learning opportunity offering support and training. You do not need any degree or experience in order to join us. We recognize whatever your background is as important to this work. We are looking for applicants who are passionate about building a world of racial, economic and climate justice and want to grow in their leadership. We are especially looking for applicants involved in their own faith communities who are under-represented in the environmental movement: Black, Brown, Spanish-speaking, working class and we encourage clergy students to apply. People in “purple” swing suburbs are also being recruited!

Some of the opportunities available to the Fellow will be to:

  • Participate in staff meetings, training opportunities and community building within POWER. We are a learning and support community.
  • Attend and help lead local Climate Justice and Jobs Coordination meetings working closely with local organizers and Director
  • Attend and help facilitate monthly Climate Justice and Jobs Team meetings, working with Director, our staff and leaders
  • Take a leadership role in representing Climate Justice in public spaces such as trainings, candidate forums, meeting with elected officials, hearings, orientation of new staff people and leaders and other opportunities as you are ready for each step.
  • Help lead POWER’s climate campaigns, which focus on a specific way to address racism, economic inequality and climate crisis in an interconnected way. This will often involve one-on-one meetings to bring new people and allies into the work.
  • Be a leader in integrating Climate Justice issues with our Civic Engagement, training our team to join the overall POWER momentum for civic engagement.
  • Master our Every Action Database so that you can log in new info, set up meetings and pull up lists as needed.
  • Other experiences that match your interests and gifts.

To apply:

Please write a one-page letter of introduction or create a two-minute video to introduce yourself, titled “Fellowship Application.” Please share your resume or CV.

Please send to

Applications are being accepted and interviews with select candidates scheduled until the position is filled.

The Fellowship will start in Jan. 2022, or anytime after that when the position is filled.