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MLK D.A.R.E. March for a Better America

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For the past several weeks people of good will from organizations across the region have joined together, as the MLK D.A.R.E. (Day of Action, Resistance, and Empowerment) coalition, to prepare for our Monday, January 16th “March for a Better America” march and rally. We continue the push for a progressive agenda for the United States in these trying times as we honor and move forward the unfinished business begun by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Below you will find information regarding the details and logistics of our Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day march and rally.

March & Rally Details

The “March for a Better America” will begin at the slave quarters on Independence Mall (6th and Market Streets) at 11:30 AM and conclude at historic Mother Bethel AME Church (419 S 6th St. Philadelphia, PA) for an outdoor rally. At the rally – we will unveil our 21st Century Declaration of Rights which calls on politicians, community leaders, and common citizens to support the basic human rights we cherish, such as affordable housing, health care, and quality public education for all.

At this critical time, we cannot just say what we are against but must articulate what we demand. This march kicks off our 100 Days of Faithful Resistance, which will mirror the first hundred days of the new administration. More information on upcoming trainings and demonstrations will be shared in future e-mails.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Social Media Pages and Promotional Material

Suggested Tips for Turnout Efforts

We need your help getting thousands out into the streets on January 16th. This goal cannot be met by one person alone or even one sole congregation. Below are suggestions to help you capture the hearts, minds, and attendance commitments of family, friends, and fellow congregants. 

  • “Justice is what love looks like in public”: Ask your clergy to dedicate a sermon to a theme of “God’s Love for His People” that connects the spirit of the MLK D.A.R.E. coalition’s work to the moral call to carry out justice for God’s people, which we all must answer.

  • Feed and Proceed: Provide an energizing meal to congregants attending the march on January 16th before heading out. We also suggest arranging group transportation prior to January 16th.

  • Spread Social Media: Share social media pages with friends, family, and personal networks. This will help you expand beyond your congregation’s network, tapping into the people that we work with closely and interact with the most.

If you are interested in further turnout assistance please send an e-mail to to receive a list of POWER members to contact. If you are a lead POWER representative in your congregation, please send an e-mail to to confirm your turnout efforts.

Fund the Movement

We welcome all gifts to help continue and expand the work of the MLK D.A.R.E. coalition. Click here to assist with expenses of the march, rally, and the coalition’s ongoing efforts

Additional Information


Please contact Reverend Mark Tyler at or call the POWER office at (215) 232-7697.

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