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Peco should support solar power

Wednesday’s Business section had a brief item about a Tuesday demonstration demanding that Peco Energy Co. increase its local investment in solar power (“Peco urged to increase solar,” Wednesday). Thursday’s Business section had a story about Public Service Electric & Gas Co.’s significant investment in solar power and its efforts to get the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to allow more investment in solar power (“PSE&G wants to step up, charge for solar projects”).

The contrast couldn’t be more striking. Peco has been dragging its feet on demands by the Earth Quaker Action Team and its partner community development organization, Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower, and Rebuild, that the utility invest in rooftop solar panels in North Philadelphia.

To delay the catastrophic effects of climate change, Peco, like all electric utilities, must move off of fossil fuels, including natural gas, as quickly as possible. Investment in local solar power and support for stronger Pennsylvania renewable energy requirements would be two good first steps that Peco should take.

Keep oil wells away from beaches

I am a moderate, working American. I am not an extremist, except according to Dan Kish’s commentary (“Once again, siding with greens over job creation,” Friday) since I place the environment as a priority.

I don’t want oil exploration along the Atlantic coast, or anywhere near a beach that I enjoy visiting. Oil companies have a bad habit of recklessly spilling their product and not being able to clean up their mess. I prefer to enjoy the beach without oil spills. According to the commentary, that makes me extreme; for me, it is common sense.

|Catherine Harrell, Harleysville

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