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Across Pennsylvania, White Christian Nationalism is literally on the ballot this fall. That’s why we’re firing up the #FreedomExpress. This tour will promote a vision for building a beloved community in the state of PA that is rooted in inclusivity, diversity, and justice.

The perilous rise of White Christian Nationalism in our country requires leaders of conscience to raise the call to live our faith principles by actively resisting the tide of bigotry. Faith leaders are uniquely able to guide our people towards a vision of democracy that protects our shared human dignity. We aim to call attention to bad actors, inspire people of faith to denounce White Christian Nationalism, defend democracy, and get out the vote.

We are POWER Interfaith.

We’re people of all faiths. We’re people of all races.
We’re made up of over 150 congregations in Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania. The best of all of our faiths call us into the work of justice.

Having faith — any faith — is always about inclusion.

The extreme right wing out here in PA has toxified faith, hijacked Christianity, and tried to make you believe that God’s love is scarce — for the few, for the white, for the Right-wing. We know that’s just not true.