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Regional Organizing Director, Harrisburg, PA and Statewide – POWER Interfaith

About the Regional Organizing Director Position:

The Regional Director will be responsible for organizing a determined geographic area, supervising organizers, developing a statewide campaign to end state preemption, and have responsibilities towards POWER’s full and fair funding campaign.

This position will develop and manage a comprehensive campaign to end state preemption, either through a minimum wage or a housing issue cut. The position will coordinate a statewide campaign both with POWER’s base and with PA United, a partner organization. Additionally, the Campaign Manager position will also have responsibilities towards our Full and Fair Funding Campaign and other statewide campaign efforts as needed.

The Campaign Manager will be responsible for building a base and cultivating relationships with members of diverse faith congregations across the state of PA, and in a particular geographic turf, teaching grassroots leaders community-organizing skills and supporting them to plan and execute statewide campaigns. Additionally, this is a supervisory role and will supervise one to three organizers in diverse geographies across the state.

The Campaign Manager will – at the direction of the Managing Director of Organizing – work towards specific goals for engaging grassroots leaders, congregations, and developing a statewide campaign and executing current statewide campaigns.

POWER has a strong learning culture and places a high priority on personal learning, race and class awareness and analysis, and relationship building. The ideal candidate would have lived experience with earning minimum wage, been directly impacted by the housing crisis, or graduated from an underfunded school district, have a passion for justice, strong relational skills, a strong sense of their own faith values, a capacity to build bridges across multiple cultures, and demonstrable experience in bringing people together to win campaign victories. Strong written and verbal skills are required; fluency in Spanish is a plus.

This position covers the state, reports to the Managing Director of Organizing, and works with the organizing team.

Location: This position will be located preferably Harrisburg, PA with other locations open to consideration.


  • 4-6 years of community organizing experience,
  • Has developed and executed at least 2 campaigns (local or statewide) with a team of leaders,
  • Proven ability to base build,
  • Previous experience running a statewide campaign in PA strongly preferred,
  • Knowledge of PA legislature and politics strongly preferred,
  • Experience, either lived or working with low-income communities, communities of color, and/or immigrant communities of color
  • Experience building and operating in coalition spaces,
  • Possess excellent written and oral communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work well independently, and within a team
  • Commitment to cultural sensitivity and respect for differences,
  • Draw on an intersectional analysis of racialization and other forms of oppression
  • Strong relational skills and ability to connect, engage, and inspire community members across multiple cultures including: religion, race, gender, age, language, class and experiences
  • Capacity to think strategically and analytically about social, economic, cultural, and political issues affecting a community.
  • Desire to learn and openness to challenge
  • Demonstrable experience working with faith communities and/or in a faith-based environment required
  • Ability to design and implement trainings, using popular education and other teaching methods.
  • Highly organized, ability to handle multiple tasks, manage a busy schedule of many face to face meetings and document both progress and outcomes.
  • Experience using Microsoft Office suite of programs, the Voter Activation Network (VAN), and CRM/databases are highly desired.


  • Conduct 15-20 one-on-one meetings each week with new or established POWER leaders, clergy, and influential external leaders on a consistent and regular basis
  • Prepare written weekly reports on progress and outcomes of her/his work.
  • Supervise organizers in varying locations across the state.
  • Develop and execute with a strategic campaign plan with grassroots leaders based on leaders lived experiences, a rigorous power analysis that includes corporate targeting, base building, narrative shift using a corporate interference frame to move low-wage workers and elected officials and build momentum among our movement allies and use of popular education tools to activate base
  • Organize a statewide (multi-regional) coalition of base building groups, advocacy organizations, unions, and local officials that executes a coordinated outside game strategy to move targets, including corporations, associations and local and state officials;
  • Represent POWER and PA UNITED in national spaces to challenge state interference, including by helping to lead/drive PowerSwitch Action’s state interference cohort, pushing and testing approaches to campaigning, and sharing out lessons with the cohort, stepping into national spaces to represent the PowerSwitch Action network where needed
  • Align grassroots leaders and chapters at both POWER and PA UNITED into a fight to end statewide preemption on either min wage/housing.
  • Relate to and develop grassroots leaders in the context of the campaign(s)
  • Build relationships across the state with other coalition partners in either min wage/housing issue area and/or in other issue areas POWER works on,
  • Offer training for grassroots leaders working on the campaign or recruiting into the campaign.
  • Provide regular organizing training for POWER leaders and community members in the principles and strategies of congregation-based community organizing
  • Support POWER congregational teams in outreach, research, and strategic planning leading to large community action meetings
  • Attend professional development sessions
  • Meet on a regular basis with the Managing Director of Organizing to shadow, plan and evaluate work progress

Pay scale

$60,000 – $65,000, commensurate with experience + benefits

This position will be employed by POWER and will be generally accountable to POWER, PA United, and Power Switch Action.

This role is part of a collective bargaining unit.