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Metro Community Organizer – POWER


The Community Organizer is responsible for cultivating relationships with members of diverse
faith congregations, teaching them community organizing skills and supporting them to conduct
successful issue campaigns on the local, state and potentially national levels.

Specifically, the Metro Community Organizer will be responsible for maintaining and developing
a current base of congregations and building a new base in the four suburban Philadelphia
counties. The organizer will have responsibilities in relation to POWER’s school funding
campaign, civic engagement work, and in exploring a local issue campaign.

POWER has a strong learning culture and places a high priority on personal learning, racial
awareness and analysis, and relationship building. The ideal candidate would have a passion for
justice, strong relational skills, a strong sense of their own faith values, a capacity to build
bridges across multiple cultures, awareness of personal and societal racism, and demonstrable
experience in bringing people together to win campaign victories. Strong written and verbal
skills are required; fluency in Spanish is a plus.

Salary and Benefits

This position is full time with significant evening and weekend work. Starting salary is
competitive, depending on experience; benefits include excellent health plan and
retirement plan. This position is included in a union-represented collective bargaining unit,
and specific employment terms and conditions are subject to labor management
negotiations for a Collective Bargaining Agreement.


  • Relevant previous organizing experience (Community, Labor, Voter) a plus
  • Skills and cultural competence to work in a multicultural, multi-faith environment,
    including a clear race/class analysis and understanding of intersections with other forms
    of oppression
  • Experience working with low-income and/or immigrant communities of color
  • Solid understanding of one’s own spiritual journey
  • Vehicle access
  • Strategic thinking, written/oral communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Professionalism
  • Ability to work well both independently and collaboratively
  • Organized: ability to balance multiple tasks and face to face meetings, documenting both
    progress and outcomes
  • Drive to constantly improve and learn, openness to challenge and agitation
  •  Ability to use online communications and organizing tools


  • Schedule 15-20 one-on-one meetings each week with new or veteran POWER leaders,
    clergy, and influential community leaders on a consistent and regular basis
  • Develop core teams within congregations
  • Provide regular organizing training for POWER leaders and community members in
    the principles and strategies of community organizing
  • Support POWER teams in outreach, research, and strategic planning leading to large
    community action meetings
  • Meet on a regular basis with the Director of Organizing and Regional Director to shadow,
    plan and evaluate work progress
  • Write weekly reports on progress and outcomes of her/his work
  • Use databases to record work with congregations / allies / teams
  • Attend professional development sessions

To Apply

All applicants must apply for this position online. (Click the “Apply for this Position” button)
Please include the following:

  1. Resume (an electronic file, preferably in .pdf format)
  2. Cover letter describing your background, interest in, and qualification for this position
  3. List of three (3) professional references

**POWER and Faith and Action are equal opportunity employers and do not discriminate
against otherwise qualified applicants on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, ancestry,
age, sex, marital status, national origin, disability or handicap, or veteran status.