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Humbled and Reminded that God is in Charge

By September 27, 2013January 15th, 2016No Comments

by Pati Krasensky of St. Vincent’s Parish

What a day for POWER and our allies! After much prayer and perseverance, we are closer to a big win for minimum wage workers in Philadelphia. It is not often we see the fruits of our labor. Sitting in City Council chambers, listening to a unanimous vote by City Council for a referendum for a living wage was both humbling and uplifting. Knowing that in some small way, I was instrumental in moving forward systemic change in our city, that is a humbling, and empowering moment. Humbling, as I remind myself that God is in charge, and so many people, actions and prayer, led to this moment. Empowering because we, in fact, CAN make a difference, by lifting the voices of the voiceless, and persevering, change comes, and justice can prevail.