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Faith Votes for Climate

As people of faith, we’re voting in this election to protect the health of our families and the safety of our communities from the damage dirty fuel lobbyists are doing to our climate.

From Doylestown to DelCo, we all want to make things better for generations to come.

But today, we use dirty fuels that pollute the air in our kids’ lungs and the water in their cups. We are damaging our climate and, with it, many things we depend upon for our future. When we go all in for the health of our land, air and water, we’re truly all better off together, no matter what certain politicians and their dirty fuel lobbyists say to distract us from their failures.

Joining together as people of all faiths, we demand safe, clean, locally-made energy, and we can have good jobs where we earn a fair return on our work.

By picking leaders who believe in smart solutions for us all, we create a world that’s better for our families, children, and future generations.


YES, I want to know more about healing our climate!

Black, Brown, and white, across faiths and across our state, we come together to take action to heal our climate, earn a good living, and create the country we need: one where everyone is cared for, has the ability to earn a fair return on our work, and has what we need to get and stay healthy. Fill out this form to learn more.

Paid for by POWER: An Interfaith Multi-Racial People’s Movement
POWER is a faith-based organizing force in the state of Pennsylvania, working for racial and economic justice on a livable planet.