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The concept of racism involves a value judgment. Because this term is so inherently value-laden, most people tend to restrict their understanding of racism to easily identifiable individual racist acts. This approach fails to acknowledge the impact of institutional or systemic racism that results from decisions and policies made by established and well-respected institutions within society.

It is important that we work to understand the intersections of racism and racism’s impact on issues like education, economic security, and lack of police accountability, that affect our communities daily. How does racism intersect with issues like poverty, voting rights, or environmental justice? Through difficult conversations and authentic reflection, we can learn to understand the issue of racial justice in a more holistic way.

Racial justice demands that we, as people of faith and good conscience, actively, boldly, and without reservation, participate in dismantling racism within systems and structures that oppress people, limit equal access, and denies us all our civil and human rights.

God is calling us to actively engage in the work of racial justice by eradicating racism, staying current, and collectively strategizing to inform our congregations, community organizations, and concerned citizens when and where racism impacts all lives. Below are websites to report racist abuses in our nation, your local church, and communities:

Below you will find a series of resources to help you begin having sacred conversations on race within your congregations, communities, and networks of friends and family.


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