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Energy Democracy Educational Products for PowerSwitch Action

Produced by Little Things Org

The following educational tools are intended to help align and advance our utility justice campaigns through a common goal – to get clean, affordable power through community governance. Materials are meant as an entryway for audiences to learn about energy democracy and how it can be implemented in their communities.

The following deck and five factsheets are set up to be edited as needed by affiliates. To customize, use the shareable links and click into File > Make a copy. When ready, click into File > Download.


  • Deck slides 46-50 are set up as templates for affiliate campaign information.
  • On each factsheet, the bottom grey box is set up for affiliate specific call to action and/or logo. Delete if not needed.


How can Energy Democracy benefit my community?

Fact Sheets:

Environmental Racism

Rising Rates

Better Options

Public Utilities

Good Jobs


Animated Explainer

Social Videos + Spanish Subtitled Versions