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By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Community leaders around Philadelphia hold a racial justice rally outside of Fraternal Order of Police Headquarters in Northeast Philadelphia.

“We’re making a moral statement to the F.O.P specifically around their long standing policies of being against real police reform in the city of Philadelphia,” said Reverend Gregory Holston with POWER.

He said they hope this rally can help spark change inside of the organization.

“I hope it begins to prick their moral conscious.”

Chief Inspector Carl Holmes and about two dozen other police officers stood in front of F.O.P headquarters during the rally.

“We just wanted to make sure we had a police presence out here because obviously it is a sensitive topic,” Holmes said. “They’re right here at the epicenter of the Philadelphia police, so we just wanted to make sure we had a presence here and actually we wanted to try and create a dialogue with the group.”

During the peaceful protest the group was antagonized by a band of motorcyclist who did not want to hear their message.

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