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POWER is independently financed.  We operate with dues from member congregations, grants from charitable and faith-based foundations, grassroots fund raising and contributions from people like you who care about our city and want to see change.  As a matter of principle, POWER takes no financial support from government entities.

We appreciate your one-time donation, or to become a POWER “Sustainer”, a recurring donation of $50/month.

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In addition to being a POWER leader in your congregation, you can offer your time and talents to POWER in the following ways:

  • Helping create and manage our growing mailing list through data entry work
  • Helping communicate with POWER members through periodic phone banking

Email info@powerphiladelphia.org for more information or call the office at 215.232.7697.

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Interested in learning more about how to build leadership within your congregation, amplify your prophetic voice, strengthen community and address the issues impacting your people?

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We welcome a conversation with you about pressures impacting your congregation and community and how faith-based community organizing can help you respond. We welcome a conversation about how POWER is equipping congregations across the city to play a more powerful role in shaping policies that effect families, neighborhoods, and our city.

Give us a call at 215-232-7697 or email us at info@powerphiladelphia.org and we’ll set up a time to talk.

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Health Care for All

The Problem:

As people of faith, we cannot stand by as our people die preventable deaths, as families struggle to pay insurance premiums and as millions remain uninsured. And we cannot accept the continued attacks Medicaid and Medicare, coverage that is working for many Pennsylvanians, at the state and national level. At POWER we see healthcare as a moral issue, not as a commodity or a partisan issue as it is treated in the government and media.

POWER’s Approach:

We envision an America where no one needs to worry about insurance coverage or access to care–where health care is recognized as a human right. Currently, we are fighting plans to slash Medicare, Medicaid and ACA protections. All our faith traditions and holy texts call us to care for one another as we would ourselves, and to respect the sanctity of life. We are putting our faith into action as we imagine a system that serves ALL of us, and as we hold our representatives accountable to build a just health care system for all.