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Education: Full, Fair Funding

The Issue: Philadelphia Schools and the Need for a Full, Fair Funding Formula

PA is one of only three states in the US without a fair funding formula, which means money is doled out based on political power not student needs.  This can lead to dramatic funding crises—like the ones we have experienced in Philadelphia for the past few years—in districts that can’t rely on property taxes to adequately fund their schools.

Our Campaign:

In 2014, POWER will educate voters and policymakers across the state on the importance of a full, fair, transparent funding formula, with the goal of getting such a formula enacted within the first 100 day of the state legislative session in 2015.

A fair funding policy would take factors like the number of special education students in a district or ability to raise money from property taxes into account when deciding how much to give each district. It would make it possible for districts to predict in advance how much they will get each year, thus reducing the likelihood of annual funding crises. The only way to win a funding formula is to make schools funding a top issue in 2014 Governor’s race and expand this issue outside of Philadelphia, building a statewide coalition of faith communities, parents, educators, and public education advocates who will maintain pressure on legislators to make full, fair, funding a reality. This process has begun and is in full swing.


1) POWER played a lead role in making fair education funding at the state level a major issue in the media in fall 2013, in the public eye and in the gubernatorial campaign.  State education funding is now front and center in the 2014 race for the governor’s mansion.

2) We have been central to creating a table where several groups already working on winning a fair funding formula, including Education Voters PA, Pennsylvania Citizens for Children and Youth, and the Education Law Center can coordinate their efforts.

3) We have catalyzed a statewide table of faith-based organizations that is forming a unified voice for education funding and jointly coordinating efforts to mobilize voters in strategic districts across the state.

4)  We co-sponsored the first Gubernatorial Candidates Forum for the 2014 race, attended by more than 750 Philadelphians and gaining statewide media coverage.  All 5 attending candidates pledged to create a fair funding formula.